Sunday, March 27, 2011

What is my Life Purpose? is not the right question

Whoever has found and has awakened to the self that has entered into this perilous inaccessible place (the body), he is the maker of the universe, for he is the maker of all.  His is the world, indeed, he is the world itself. 
The Principal Upanishads

Life is astonishingly beautiful.  Astonishing because we are unfamiliar with its profound and ever-present beauty.  And beautiful because we have the spirit to see it and feel it in all its forms.  

What would you say is the purpose of life?  Life doesn’t need or have a purpose other than to simply be.  Life is. 

But, it’s *natural* to ask:  What is the purpose of my life?  Or, as is more commonly asked: What is MY life purpose?

We ask that question because we believe that there is some pre-ordained purpose to our lives, somehow held somewhere as a mystery to be revealed to us if we make great effort and find a bit of luck.

So we embark on this journey of trying to discover our *life purpose* and we get anxious and worried and frustrated when we don’t seem to find it.  Or we think we have yet we are not entirely convinced.

We feel cheated by this elusive trick that *life* seems to pull on us.

And we might feel like we have failed especially when we see others who seem to have discovered their life purpose somewhat effortlessly, almost magically even and sometimes, at a very young age.

For us, however, this *life purpose* seems to have a clever way of eluding us, hiding from us, resisting our discovery of it.


Could it be that we’re asking the wrong question?  Could it be that instead of asking, ‘What is my life purpose?’, we might instead ask:

What purpose do I wish to put my life to?

When we do that, we effectively remove all the mystery and uncertainty about how we should spend our *life*.  Instead, we find that we have opened a door to an amazing new consciousness – Ground Infinity.

The important thing here is that by asking, ‘What purpose do I wish to put my life to?’, we are taking charge of our life, we start calling the shots, we no longer put our life on hold waiting and hoping for the Illuminating Oracle to finally reveal our purpose to us.

Instead, we take control.  We say, ‘This is what I want to do and this is what I shall do’.  

Yes, we may have said this before.  But we’ve probably said it wondering if indeed we’ve got it right:.  

Have we intuited our life purpose correctly?  Is this really what I *should* be doing?  Is this just a trip I’m on, an extended and  elaborate self-delusion?  


Why does it seem so hard?  Shouldn’t my life purpose unfold like a dream – easily and magically?

So we embark on what we halfheartedly believe is our *life purpose*, constantly questioning, doubting, reneging, fighting with ourselves and others and feeling confused and unconvinced.

And all this doesn’t really help.  It erodes our *life* or should I say, the quality of our life.  It’s like planting a seed in the ground and constantly digging it up to see if it’s doing what it's supposed be doing!  How can it when we are constantly interfering with it instead of trusting it and nurturing it? 

But plant that seed and feed and nurture it with water and nutrients and the firm, unshakeable belief aka faith that it will do what it’s supposed to do and it will.  You don’t even have to think about that last one because it is so engrained in your belief. It is something you take for granted.

You planted it having a certain vision of what it would grow into and that is what it will grow into.

You wouldn’t plant a celery seed and expect a carrot to grow.  You'd plant a celery seed knowing and expecting without any uncertainty whatsoever that it will grow into a celery.  

Imagine doing the same thing with the purpose you have chosen to put your life to! 

You spend some time thinking about what you would really like to do, what gives you greatest joy (if joy is your priority).  You imagine the outcome of that purpose that you’ve chosen. Then you act.

What does action involve?

How did you plant a seed?  Did you make use of prior knowledge?  Did you have to do a little bit of research to learn what the ideal conditions are for growing celery?  Did you have to prepare the ground?  Find the ideal spot?  Wait for the ideal season?

Yes, all of these seem so simple and straightforward that you wonder if it could be as easy and straightforward when it comes to putting your life to the purpose of your choice.

It is.

Let’s not make it complicated.  Let’s not start quoting from the Book of 101 Reasons Why This Will Not Work or the Gospel of ‘In Reality’, Chapter ‘It's Impossible', Verse "I Can't'

Do you suppose the pioneers and discoverers and inventors of the many things that we take for granted today did that? 

They allowed desire to fashion their dreams and allowed their dreams to guide their action.  They reaped their desire from Ground Infinity and planted their dreams there.  

And that is what we must do to if we wish to live the life of our chosen purpose!  Let's consult the Book of Why Ever Not?  Let's study the Gospel of 'Creator Me', paying close attention to chapters 'I Can', Verse 'I Allow'!

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